Data Centres require an Uninterrupted Power Supply (UPS)

Critical power and data centre environments demand consistent, highly available power in order to ensure safe, systematic and cost-effective operations. Even though the electrical distribution systems for such environments are complex to install and maintain, your mandate is to keep things running regardless of budget constraints. Downtime is getting more expensive as data centers become more valuable to operators. Should a power failure occur, your facility crew needs to take swift and corrective actions to resolve the outage. Downtime is not simply an inconvenience, it can endanger the safety of people and equipment, compromise operational efficiency and incur significant financial loss.

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Bespoke solutions to maximise uptime

Hanley Energy, a multinational specialist in energy management, offer a bespoke solution capable of maximising uptime, providing energy availability and cost saving measures whilst addressing all the varying range of constraints.

In Ireland and mainland Europe our ongoing work for a Tier 1 data centre client involves deploying UPS critical power solutions, change over controls and a data centre information management system in our 1.5MW data halls – we have successfully managed 35 halls of this size in Ireland and mainland Europe over the past three years. Our entire team is involved in the delivery – bringing multiple benefits from both our data centre control solutions and our energy management service.

International growth strategy

At present, we have business operations in the Nordics, Germany and USA and are imminently launching a new Australian base. We have an ambitious international growth strategy which will see us continue to seek and win new business abroad into the future.

Benefits of Critical Power for Data Centres

  • Real-time diagnostics to immediately identify the source of the problem so that normal operations can be restored.
  • Decrease operating expenditure by providing centralised information streams.
  • Increase power availability with predictive maintenance scheduling.
  • Improve overall safety with short-circuit testers and wireless control units to safeguard staff from electrical hazards.
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