In mission critical environments, wherever there is a backup or secondary power supply available, there must be a means of transferring from the primary source to the backup without any downtime incurred.

The requirement for uninterrupted service is fundamental in the design process of pioneering construction projects and has become characteristic if sustainably and functionally efficient installations are to be created.

A system able to intelligently switch the supply from the main line to an alternate line, without manual invention, reduces problems caused by faults in the public network and will eliminate disruptions entirely.

Complete system status in millisecond resolution

The mains (or primary) supply is monitored incessantly 24/7/365 and should it fail or fall outside of the pre-set values (i.e. voltage too low/high), PowerMinder™ senses the pending failure and in milliseconds takes automatic control of the system.

In these mission critical environments, PowerMinder™ can switch between the main supplies without any disruption. These critical loads are typically supplied via UPS systems power which provides battery backup power during the transition onto standby emergency generator.

To guarantee power supply to all loads, redundancy in supply sources is needed (type 2N). This usually consists of a transformer, renewable energy source and/or emergency generator.

Uninterrupted service is fundamental.

This power restoration control product ensures isolation of all the asynchronous power supplies. There’s no risk of short circuit between the sources, even in the presence of unexpected short-term voltages.

PowerMinder™ has a selector on the front panel to choose between automatic and manual operation. Manual operation is always possible by the site/facility manager in the event of emergency situations.

PowerMinder™ has unique features, functionality and a clever graphical user interface (GUI) that makes it suitable for a diverse range of applications:
Data Centres
Intensive care units
Industrial plants
Space Exploration

Graphical User Interface (GUI) enables you to view:

  • Power trends
  • History of time-stamped sequence of event logs
  • System status in millisecond resolution: line status, switch position, alarms, 24/7 system health-check and operation mode.

PowerMinder™ is user friendly and can be configured to suit any of your organisations requirements. It can be configured in multiple languages, making it an ideal solution for global operations.

intelligent automatic transfer switch

Eliminate all risk with PowerMinder™

PowerMinder™ combines the mechanical changeover switching device and uniquely developed control system which will constantly monitor supply and change the power source in critical situations.

It comprises several mission critical sequences that automatically curb and transition the critical components without interventions from the operator.

The product also has a self-diagnosis feature which will identify and communicate any component failures or issues in the motor or control module. In this event, replacements can be made without the need to disconnect supply and during manual operation.

During service and maintenance on equipment, both supplies can be isolated by putting the power restoration control product in manual operation or reset/OFF.

The unit comes with different security access levels allowing certain features to be enabled/disabled for Admin, Engineer or Operator levels. These include access to timers, configuration modes and more to suit operator requirements. Remote operability isn’t possible by security design.

PowerMinder™ doesn’t just switch supplies in the event of failure it also works in situations where:
The automatic transfer of supplies is necessary.
Supplies need to be periodically alternated (sharing the load equally between 2 generators)
Use of the backup generator is incentivised by the utility company to reduce load at peak times (crucial for this level of automation)

In the event of brown-outs or transients which can occur in territories of poor supply, PowerMinder™ will intelligently take decisive action based on the rate of occurrence of these short-term problems on the utility supply in the interest of maintaining critical load and protecting downstream equipment.

The unit comes with on screen troubleshooting fault codes to pinpoint exactly where there is an issue and direct the operator straight to the problem. This has been a major enhancement allowing the operator to take immediate action to rectify an issue.

PowerMinder™ is completely vendor independent and can be integrated into any organisations existing or configured to suit future planned Build Management System (BMS), enabling it to share all information gathered or as part of our EPMS (Event and Power Management System) application.

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