Powerlink Energy Management Software, Your Energy Online

Hanley Energy’s own energy management software, Powerlink, monitors the real time usage of your utilities. Understanding how your business uses energy is instrumental for taking energy saving action.
Powerlink can monitor:

  • Electrical Energy
  • Gas
  • Water
  • Steam
  • Fuel Oil

We know many companies are interested in implementing an energy management system for the financial and environmental bensfits it brings but don’t know where to start. This is what motivated us to develop our energy management software Powerlink. When implemented in a structured way, power monitoring can achieve sustained energy reductions of up to 20%, with zero impact on operations.

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Benefits of Investing in Powerlink Energy Management Software

  • Calculate individual load energy costs
  • Identify energy trends so corrective action can be taken immediately
  • Manage reports in real time while actions are taken
  • Ensure contractual tariffs are not being exceeded
  • Anticipate overloads and avoiding power outages
  • Alarms warn if present limits are reached
  • No need of a dedicated PC for monitoring
  • No HD crash problems which lead to data losses
  • No compatibility problems (different systems, languages, etc.)
  • Optional modular modem for wireless Ethernet connections
  • Modular concept for additional input/output when needed
  • The most robust and reliable software solution for your power monitoring needs
powerlink energy reductions 15%
powerlink energy management zero impact on operations

A Customised End-to-End Power Management Solution

Hanley Energy provides a customised end-to-end solution integrating technology and energy management expertise to suit a client’s needs and ensuring they reach ISO50001 standards. Since its formation in 2009, Hanley Energy has helped customers achieve energy cost savings of more than €8 million.

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