Powerlink+ provides visibility and transparency of all operational events and energy usage allowing clients to fully utilize their critical power infrastructure.

Many data center facilities attempt to use a Building Management System (BMS) to try and track critical events within their infrastructure. Due to the latency and complexities of building management systems, its almost impossible to trend the chronology.

We developed Powerlink+ for this very reason, a customer centric Event and Power Management System to obviate potential equipment failures and to maximize uptime. This control solution looks at high resolution time stamping of critical inputs and the uncertainty around mapping the electrical waveform with the physical event. It comprises multi-vendor hardware and bespoke software to monitor critical events and power monitoring throughout any data center application.

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Millisecond resolution with exact chronology

Measuring total energy consumption gives granularity throughout a data center plant. Our Powerlink+ solution provides realtime event and power monitoring of the critical power environment. Events are monitored in millisecond resolution therefore providing operators with exact chronology and sequence of events (S.O.E.).

Pre-Empting equipment failure

Deployed in multiple data centers throughout Ireland, mainland Europe and the USA to provide both energy metrics and event management throughout the critical powerpath.
Our Powerlink+ can preempt possible equipment failures, guaranteeing maximum uptime and profitability.

Multi-vendor communication platform

Most systems tend to be on one single platform and cannot accommodate third party equipment. Powerlink+ comprises bespoke software written and designed to communicate with multi-vendor equipment across multiple communication protocols.

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Customer centric high level monitoring

Our customer centric Powerlink+ solution is best in class and a major enhancement to existing building management systems currently in data center use.

The high level of monitoring that we provide is critical for data center operations where 99.9% uptime is the key driver.

Designed to monitor and record critical events across the building infrastructure from electrical grid to critical load in real-time

Along with other data from third party vendor systems in data center installations. Powerlink+ makes it possible to track all events and critical equipment status in real-time.

This solution consists of a tailored SCADA system integrating PLC equipment, power analysers, power meters, UPS systems, generators etc. over ethernet/Modbus networks for data center applications.