Hanley Energy statement on Irish sailor Gregor McGuckin

Hanley Energy, sponsor of heroic Irish sailor Gregor McGuckin, have issued the following statement on his situation. This is the first in a series of regular updates as we plot his safe return to Ireland.

“We are pleased to confirm that Gregor and Abhilash Tomy are currently safe on Ile Amsterdam. Gregor is in good health and Abhilash is being looked after by medical professionals.

We understand that Gregor’s yacht, the Hanley Energy Endurance, was dismasted in a storm while attempting to reach his fellow competitor Abhilash Tomy, who had sustained injuries after being capsized. In a remarkable display of seamanship, courage and fortitude, Gregor managed to build a jury rig and hand steer the Hanley Energy Endurance within 30 miles of Abhilash’s yacht for four days in order to be on site to assist with the rescue.

Abhilash was rescued by the French vessel FPV Osiris on Monday. It was deemed the appropriate course of action to evacuate the Hanley Energy Endurance under a controlled scenario to ensure a second rescue mission would not be required if the weather conditions worsened. Gregor removed all debris from the deck, secured all equipment on board and ensured the small amount of fuel on board is not at risk of leaking.

Hanley Energy would like to commend Gregor on his outstanding and heroic efforts to come to the aid of his fellow competitor. He is truly an inspiration, and our priority now is to ensure his safe return to Ireland.

The Australian naval vessel HMAS Balarat is due to arrive 02.00hrs (06.00hrs local time) tomorrow (Thursday 27th September). The ship will then set a course for Perth, arriving on approximately 2nd or 3rd October. We understand that Gregor will spend time in Perth with his family before returning to Ireland.

Hanley Energy would like to thank everyone on the island, and all involved in the rescue operation for their extraordinary generosity, hospitality, and professionalism thus far.”

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26th Sep 2018