Follow the progress of Team ‘Gregor McGuckin Empowered by Hanley Energy’

Irish solo sailor Gregor McGuckin competes in the incredible non-stop, round the world, solo sailing Golden Globe Race on his boat ‘Hanley Energy Endurance’.



The Race

Golden Globe Race 2018 begins in Les Sables d’Olonne, France on 1 July 2018 and roughly 9 months later Gregor and his 17 fellow competitors aim to return, having sailed 30,000 miles through some of the roughest seas on the planet. Click here to track the full race.

The Challenge

Gregor will face the extreme heat of the tropics and worst sea conditions imaginable as he sails down to beyond 56 degrees south to round the infamous Cape Horn. If successful he’ll be the first Irish person to complete the ‘Everest of the Seas’ – sailing alone, non-stop around the world.

The 2018 race marks the 50th anniversary since Sir Robin Knox-Johnston was the first person to complete this once unthinkable task. Since then fewer than 200 sailors have managed this feat. Competitors in this year’s race are limited in the technology they can use to best match the challenges faced 50 years ago. This means no GPS, no weather routing and no desalination systems. Navigation will be done solely with a compass and sextant, using the sun, stars and moon to pinpoint positions. Weather forecasting will be done using a barometer and what information can be picked up via radio.

Our Support

Hanley Energy have joined the project as the headline sponsor and are truly delighted to support this incredible and inspiring team.

Fortitudine Vincimus – by endurance we conquer, a motto once held strong by Shackleton accurately captures the real sentiment of Team ‘Gregor McGuckin Empowered by Hanley Energy'; a team that will not only endure this race, but will surpass all expectations and accomplish the impossible.”
– Hanley Energy CEO and Co-founder, Clive Gilmore

Everyone at Hanley Energy wishes Gregor and ‘Hanley Energy Endurance’ “Bon Voyage” and we will be tracking his progress with great enthusiasm.