Climate Change Summit 2015

Hanley Energy is delighted at the outcome of the UN’s COP21 Climate Change Summit 2015 – a major summit discussing global warming and the negotiation of a worldwide plan of action. The Paris Agreement, as it is known, is a deal uniting almost 200 countries in a single agreement on how to tackle climate change.


The goal is to limit the rise of the global temperature to below 2 degrees above pre-industrial levels. This global consensus is an historic achievement and 187 nations have submitted detailed national plans for how they will curb the rise in greenhouse gas emissions.

The pact is the first to commit all countries to cut carbon emissions. The agreement finally sets a common vision and course of action across the globe.

climate-change-infographics_2-06We are proud that Ireland, home of Hanley Energy’s headquarters, were one of the few EU countries who went into the negotiations with its own climate change legislation; The Climate Action and Low Carbon Development Bill will become law in the new year.

Yet all EU countries have agreed to ambitious targets, with a 40% cut for 2030, ramping up to 80%-95% by 2050. Yes, these are sharp reductions but as Laurent Fabius, president of the climate conference declared, “We are living in unprecedented times, which call for unprecedented measures”.

The move towards net carbon neutrality by the second half of this century will mean profound changes in every sector which currently emits greenhouse gases. Agreements will have to be reached on the amounts to be cut from each sector of the economy (to be decided in EU negotiations held next year). We see agriculture, transport and electricity sectors as being the most likely to undergo the most changes in the forthcoming months and years.

Which leads us to announce our ‘4 steps to better energy efficiency’ in line with the Paris Agreement on Climate Change.

1. Audit

Hanley Energy can help all businesses, firstly by conducting a complete energy audit.
An energy audit will provide a company with unbiased support and advice from highly skilled personnel on the very best and most cost effective methods of reducing your utility costs, upgrading your building, monitoring, management and technology systems to reduce cost while also meeting your environmental objectives.

2. Measure

Secondly, we combine state of the art metering equipment with a monitoring platform to give millisecond energy metrics to key users in a business. In doing so, we help identify inefficient plant machinery, outdated/deficient transformers and unwarranted UPS systems.

3. Learn

Thirdly, we compliment this with unique training programmes on Energy Management according to ISO50001 to help facilitate implementation of the standard and identify pitfalls such as energy hogs.

4. Improve

An Energy Audit coupled with an Energy Management programme by Hanley Energy will provide an organisation the launch pad needed to implement energy efficient improvement in a planned manner that meets budget.


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If you’re inspired by last week’s historic deal and you would like to learn more about how our ‘4 steps to better energy efficiency’ could transform your business don’t hesitate to request a callback from one of our trained advisors.

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 Audit - Unbiased support and advice from highly skilled personnel Measure - Metering equipment with a monitoring platform to give millisecond energy metrics Learn - Unique training programmes on Energy Management according to ISO50001

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22nd Dec 2015