Carlo Gavazzi celebrates “Successful Long-Term Partnership”

Speaking at an awards event last month, Giuseppe Giroletti, Sales and Marketing Director North/Central Europe & EEMEA at Carlo Gavazzi Automation praised “the intuition and the competence” of Hanley Energy’s two founders, Clive Gilmore (CEO) and Dennis Nordon (MD).

“Carlo Gavazzi started our co-operation [with Hanley Energy] in 2006 … it has been a continued and consistently growing business – projects after projects. Both Clive and Dennis have built up the company to become a well recognised international leader in Energy Management and Critical Power System.”

Mr Giroletti drew attention to Hanley Energy’s expansion of their Irish Headquarters as well as their move into the global market (with offices in Frankfurt, Stockholm and the US) as a sign of their success.

Taking inspiration from Aesop’s Fable, Mr Giroletti stated: “A good developing company must act as both the Hare and the Tortoise within the same company spirit, in its business conduct and modus operandi.
“To stay in business and continued development today requires speed, but also correct intuitions and planning ability – dosing resources to grant uninterrupted rapidity to reach the target successfully and in a timely manner.
“By applying this concept to business practice, we can say that the victory is not always to the stronger, nor the race to the swifter. Successful men and successful companies are the ones who are able to balance fertility of the mind, vivacity of thinking and vision, business-sector competence, continued diligence and uninterrupted rapidity. That’s HANLEY ENERGY!”


Mr Giroletti finished by thanking “the whole Hanley Energy team” and toasted their partnership, expecting “another long series of successful years together with Carlo Gavazzi Automation.”

Hanley Energy would like to thank Carlo Gavazzi’s Sales and Marketing Director for his commendatory and thoughtful words as we too look forward to the exciting future our partnership holds.

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16th Feb 2015