Hanley Energy is a globally recognised, award-winning innovator headquartered in Ireland and with offices in the Nordics, Germany, USA and Australia.

Specialists in the design, source, supply, install and commission of critical power, energy management and IT infrastructure solutions –
from the power grid all the way to the factory process equipment and Data Centre IT rack –
coupled with comprehensive service and maintenance, consulting and training.


Our approach is to develop partnerships with clients, ensuring excellent delivery coupled with cost-effective technology solutions.
In this way, we help our clients to reduce energy costs, ensure 100% up-time and optimize their operational competitiveness.

Our values are: Service Excellence + Quality + Innovation + Partnership
  • Service Excellence: Committed to superior customer service.
  • Quality: Strive for technical excellence and high-impact results.
  • Innovation: Being innovative to achieve exemplar solutions.
  • Partnership: Building mutual trust and dependability.
We have implemented Lean Manufacturing principles to our production line.

This process, together with the extended premises, has resulted in increased capacity by 250%. Investment in equipment has efficiently leaned out the manufacture process of the line – streamlining the work flow has greatly increased manpower productivity.

Lean manufacturing principles diagram


Building on 80 years of Heritage
  • 2013 Customised Critical Power Solutions for Data Centres
  • 2007 EMMS System Installed in major companies nationwide
  • 2000s Typical Package Substation 21st Century installed in all major Blue Chip facilities & Data Centres/ Motor Control Centres, Mining, Quarrying, Pharmaceutical & Process Control
  • 1990s Main Switchgear for Canary Wharf & The Channel Tunnel
  • 1970s Typical Distribution Board / Gypsum Industries Control Room Gilmore Electrical
  • 1960s Main Low Voltage Meetering Switchboard
  • 1946 ESB Rural Electrification
  • 1930 John Gilmore – Electric Light Station, Kingscourt



Clients & Testimonials

Wexford Creamery

client-logo black Wexford Creamery Food

“We couldn’t have completed our project without Hanley Energy. Their knowledge and the data from the energy monitoring system allowed us to develop and deliver an energy monitoring programme for all employees. This project won a prodigious Sustainable Energy Award for a Leading Energy Efficiency Project for a Large User.”

Largo Foods

client-logo black Largo Foods
“Hanley Energy’s solution started with a comprehensive assessment to understand how energy was used. A bespoke and modular energy monitoring system was installed. This support has allowed me to understand how and where energy is used; it allows me to manage energy in a structured way and is an essential building block for compliance to ISO 50001.”


client-logo black CIE transport
“We put our trust in Hanley Energy and they successfully delivered the contract. The guys designed a technology solution that more than meets CIE’s needs. Even after commissioning, they have been more than helpful in responding to my queries.”